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water cooled air conditioner
water cooled air conditioner
water cooled air conditioner
water cooled air conditioner
water cooled air conditioner
water cooled air conditioner

water cooled air conditioner

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Refrigerants Each unit is factory charged with refrigerant R410A, which is deemed to have zero Ozone depletion potential. Air Coil Die formed plate type aluminum fins mechanically bonded to high efficiency inner grooved copper tubes. Water Coil Copper tube in tube type with refrigerant flow in the inside tube. Designed to a maximum water pressure of 1500kPa (215psi). Fans Forward curved double inlet fans in involute scrolls and fitted directly to a resiliently mounted motor. Speed tappings allow airflow ion to match external duct pressure. Construction Galvanized steel construction, closed cell foam lined compressor and fan compartments, with an insulated and powder coated drain tray for complete moisture protection. The drain tray is easily removed for inspection and cleaning. Air Filter An optional filter integrated return air spigot is available on all models. The filter is a washable polypropylene net media. Care should be taken, when locating each unit, that enough space is provided to enable the one-piece filter unit. Compressor These units use hermetically sealed high efficiency compressors. Models WPR4 to 9.5 have rotary compressors, WPR12 to 38 have scroll compressors. Insulation WPR units are well insulated to minimize condensation and attenuate noise.

The  WPR Series represents a range of ducted, water cooled, packaged air conditioners designed to provide year round comfort to room occupiers.


The WPR units are ideal for multi-unit installations such as high-rise offices or hotel buildings, where the feasibility of individual zone control is required.


Compact and reliable, these units can be installed above ceilings, or in other concealed spaces, saving valuable floor space and providing conditioned air direct to required locations.


WPR Series units are designed to be used with simple duct layouts. To take maximum advantage of this feature, units should be located as close to the space

to be air conditioned as acoustic criteria allows. Multiple small units, utilizing minimal duct lengths, prove more economical than a single large central ducted unit.


Designed also to suit different climates, the WPR units

are available in 3 versions:

1. Cooling only

2. Cooling only with Electric Heating

3. Reverse cycle.


In office buildings, a WPR unit system can provide the ideal off-peak system for occupied areas when the main system is not running, e.g. night time, weekends, holidays.


WPR unit systems can be designed to provide owner occupiers with individual control, thus avoiding large central plant room areas, e.g. in apartment buildings.

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