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package air conditioner
package air conditioner
package air conditioner
package air conditioner

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*Standard Rooftop with complete capacity range from 8 kw~200kw *High efficient, energy saving, quick and accurate control the indoor temperature, low operation noise, only need small start up current, can be used under wide ambient temperature. *Environmental friendly refrigerant available i.e. R410a *Advanced energy saving technology, maximally improve indoor air conditioning efficient as well as improving the indoor air quality. Simplification on the design and installation of the fresh air system

The rooftop unit  is composed of compressing condensing part and air handling part, which combines the air supply, cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying, air purifying and controlling in a package unit, with compact design, can be installed directly on the rooftop and platform, supplying the air to the conditioning area via duct to adjust the temperature, humidity in room. No need cooling tower and water system,neither the plant room. High efficient, energy saving ,easy to install, low maintenance cost, the products are widely used in municipal engineering, public buildings, commercial buildings, power (nuclear power), petrochemical industry, electronic machinery, industrial and mining enterprises, such as the integrated computer room, tobacco, medicine and health care industry.

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