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Reverse osmosis filter
Reverse osmosis filter


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Reverse osmosis filter

                       6 stage RO filter with metal frame gauge and dust cover

Capacity:50/75/100/400 GPD        

Power:25W, UV lamp : 6W

 voltage:220v/110v    50/60Hz 

water pressure:<=0.5MPa       

feed water temperature:5-40℃               

Applicable feed water:Civic tap water

3.2 gallon plastic tank

50/75/100GPD/400GPD PUMP

50/75/100GPD/400GPD ro membrane

Housing:double oring or single oring housing

Faucet: three way fork goose neck faucet


Cartridges: 6 stages:

1.PP fiber filtration wipes off impurities, algae, silt, sediment

2.Granular active carbon(GAC),remove the heterochrosis , odour, chroline and other materials which are harmful to health

3. Precision active carbon filter(CTO),remove the heterochrosis, odour, chroline and other materials which are harmful to health.To improve the taste.Will use the micropore of the active carbon filter to holdback the microgranule,micro colloid and micro suspended materials.To make the water which into the RO membrane is suitable so as make the lifespan of the ro membrane are longer

4 .PP fiber filtration wipes off impurities, algae, silt, sediment

5, RO membrane,remove the micro impurities,colloid,metal,bacterials and so on,only left the water molecule and dissolved oxygen,output water is purity water

6,Post active carbon(T33),improve the PH,avoid the second contamination

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